Planet DJ is a retailer of electronics and other equipment and instruments used for music production and live music performance events, especially by Disc Jockeys (DJ). The company is authorized dealer for thousands of products from many manufacturers and they sell online (see and from their store located at  1315 Greg Street, Ste 101 in Sparks, NV 89431 USA. They have capability to ship purchases domestically, and internationally as well.

Knife Party is an Electro-House duo formed in 2011 by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. The two musicians were former members of the Drum & Bass band, Pendulum. In 2011, Swire and McGrillen decided to start a side project that released a few sample tracks. The project was called “Not Pendulum” and had a different sound than the band they were currently in. In late 2011, it was announced that

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined being at a Nightclub where the DJ gave you chills down your spine? MiXX has been putting on phenomenal displays of his skills behind the decks all throughout Chicagoland. MiXX has an extreme passion for his craft and is known to be a Music Connoisseur. MiXX prides himself at selecting energizing tracks with visual stimulating effects that heightens the energy level of

DJ of Electrohouse and Dubstep Dance Music in Louisville, KY Producer of Ambient/Electronic Music   Download Debut Album for Free!! Ambiently Amateur


I’ve been more or less a bedroom DJ for the past six months. After thousands of Soundcloud downloads and countless hours of watching headliner sets, gear tutorials, and the art of DJing, I am now ready to spread my wings. I am waiting for the right time and place to play my first EDM gig as Slynamic. I’m not in a rush, but I would like to do my first

Pacho & Pepo are well known artists at the Eastern European music scene. They create one of the most successful Bulgarian promoting agencies for house  music: Ellectrica Promotions in 1997 Pacho & Pepo are producers, remixers and DJ’s, who began their music  career  20 years ago. A wide range of music styles, overflowing from house to deep house with vocal breeze, supported by groovy and funky elements and strongly

The Rio-based duo of Felipe “Fel” Lozinsky and Gustavo “Guk” Rozenthal, has been blowing away audiences and ears since 2007, lighting up clubs and festival with their free-for-all mix of electro, house and heavy low end. The only Brazilians to rank on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ poll for two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012, the duo has already conquered legions of fans, including star power names like David Guetta,