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In the lore of the people of the Caucasus Mountains, Amirani taught mankind the art of metalworking, and was punished by the gods.

Amiranu, according to the lore of the desert people of the United States’ Inland Northwest, is a spastic maniac DJ who spins intense uplifting psytrance to send the dancefloor back in time, to a world of spirits, and ancient gods.



Known for his wild live performances, Amiranu is a frenzy of sounds as he mixes everything from the most transcendent morning trance, to the crunchiest of forest psytrance, and everything in between.

Amiranu’s keen ear for tunes that rock crowds both in body and spirit has landed him on stage beside the likes of DNA and Fungus Funk, and sent him all the way from the scablands of southern Washington, to the sunny coasts of Turkey, and his positive vibes on and off the stage continues to earn him a special place in the ears and hearts of the Northwest’s psytrance fans.


Amiranu’s original music too, captures the essence of this spirit. At times uplifting, serene and spiritual, and other times, dark, brooding, and intense (and occasionally silly), his signature style of psychedelic trance is as intense at home as it is on the dancefloor.


Having released on V/A’s with Astronautic Records, his debut album, Painting The Sky, out now on Karana Music, showcases his many experiences both at festivals he’s played, and his own journeys of enlightenment. You can also catch his music appearing on compilations coming from Flying Woofer Records of India this summer.

Are you ready for ALL the crazy?




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