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I’ve been more or less a bedroom DJ for the past six months. After thousands of Soundcloud downloads and countless hours of watching headliner sets, gear tutorials, and the art of DJing, I am now ready to spread my wings. I am waiting for the right time and place to play my first EDM gig as Slynamic. I’m not in a rush, but I would like to do my first

  In the lore of the people of the Caucasus Mountains, Amirani taught mankind the art of metalworking, and was punished by the gods. Amiranu, according to the lore of the desert people of the United States’ Inland Northwest, is a spastic maniac DJ who spins intense uplifting psytrance to send the dancefloor back in time, to a world of spirits, and ancient gods.   Known for his wild live

  Dawnchaser wants the world to know the feeling of standing on an alpine ridge; to be a small point in the raw vastness of the wilderness, and leave the worries of the world behind. He feels his music should be what moves everyone to explore, and be what fills their ears as they face the elements – whether it be hiking in the mountains, kayaking by the coast, or