About Black Death:   The sounds I create are a part of me. They’re not set out to be hits, if they become hits it’s a bonus. Mainly they’re my pieces of mind.   Biography: It began at the age of 10 when I started listening to harder music. When I turned 13 I got a double cd player for my birthday. I started DJ-Ing with all kind of


DJ GIZMO FACEBOOK | THE DREAMTEAM OFFICIAL The name of DJ GIZMO stands equal to the success of the ‘gabber’ house in the 90’s. As part of the Dreamteam he played the world’s biggest raves. But he did not just have success as a hardcore DJ. His Harder Mach CD series (Sony Music) proved to be one of the most popular within the Hardstyle genre and included no less than 9 chapters. To start at the


THE DREAMTEAM OFFICIAL | FACEBOOK DJ DANO (Daniel Leeflang) is one of the founders of the hardcore scene…… In 1984 Dano started to DJ for several local pirated radio stations in Amsterdam. Two years later he became a journalist for a newspaper for youth, where he wrote about music and going out. One night he decided to visit the Roxy discotheque, Dano was very sceptical about this whole new scene called dance. Yet,

FACEBOOK | TWITTER Da Mouth of Madness. A name that has been around since the very beginning of hardcore. A voice that collaborated with almost every major hardcore DJ/producer. A laugh that still, after so many years, is instantly recognized on the dance floor. A man that has seen it all, done it all and still has more in store for y’all. Sietse van Daalen first appeared as MC at the side


THE DREAMTEAM OFFICIAL | FACEBOOK BUZZ FUZZ started out in 1991 playing Hip Hop and R&B from ’86 to ’90. In ’92 he won the Dutch House DJ Championships and he started producing tracks. (Due to the fact that the first price of the Championship was a release on Midtown-Records. This release was I.Q-Mindtransfer/Voodoo) He produced records for Combined Forces and eventually for ID&T where he began his own record label, BZRK Records. He is also part of the


DREAMTEAM TV | OFFICIAL SITE | FACEBOOK The Dreamteam is one of Holland’s – if not the world’s most legendary hardcore/gabber groups – who have been together for two decades. 2013 marks the release of a brand new album with 17 tracks accompanied with a big release event in Amsterdam’s highly regarded Paradiso venue celebrating 20 years of The Dreamteam. The dreamteam and its individual members rocked all the largest events possible ranging from all the Thunderdomes,