Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined being at a Nightclub where the DJ gave you chills down your spine? MiXX has been putting on phenomenal displays of his skills behind the decks all throughout Chicagoland. MiXX has an extreme passion for his craft and is known to be a Music Connoisseur. MiXX prides himself at selecting energizing tracks with visual stimulating effects that heightens the energy level of


DJ GIZMO FACEBOOK | THE DREAMTEAM OFFICIAL The name of DJ GIZMO stands equal to the success of the ‘gabber’ house in the 90’s. As part of the Dreamteam he played the world’s biggest raves. But he did not just have success as a hardcore DJ. His Harder Mach CD series (Sony Music) proved to be one of the most popular within the Hardstyle genre and included no less than 9 chapters. To start at the