Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined being at a Nightclub where the DJ gave you chills down your spine? MiXX has been putting on phenomenal displays of his skills behind the decks all throughout Chicagoland. MiXX has an extreme passion for his craft and is known to be a Music Connoisseur. MiXX prides himself at selecting energizing tracks with visual stimulating effects that heightens the energy level of

Pacho & Pepo are well known artists at the Eastern European music scene. They create one of the most successful Bulgarian promoting agencies for house  music: Ellectrica Promotions in 1997 Pacho & Pepo are producers, remixers and DJ’s, who began their music  career  20 years ago. A wide range of music styles, overflowing from house to deep house with vocal breeze, supported by groovy and funky elements and strongly

Some people call Sander a technical & musical genius. And who can deny it? He has cranked out more dance floor destroyers, sold-out gigs, number one records, and awards than most artists do in a lifetime. With the help of classics like Grasshopper, Punk’d and Riff, recent hits like Love is Darkness and ofcourse massive collabs and remixes of The Killers (Spaceman), Sia (The Girl You Lost To Cocaine), Robbie Williams

  Dawnchaser wants the world to know the feeling of standing on an alpine ridge; to be a small point in the raw vastness of the wilderness, and leave the worries of the world behind. He feels his music should be what moves everyone to explore, and be what fills their ears as they face the elements – whether it be hiking in the mountains, kayaking by the coast, or

Born in Vancouver, Canada in the year 1975, Jay has been a music fanatic all of his life. His career began in 1994 as a techno dj in Vancouver’s underground club and party scene. He was a frequent guest on Vancouver’s first techno radio show “Homebass” hosted by long-time friend,and Pioneer of Vancouver Techno, DJ Noah. Jay is a believer in God, and has always felt His inspiration. Music has

moby has been making music since he was 9 years old. he started out playing classical guitar and then went on to play with seminal connecticut hardcore punk group ‘the vatican commandoes’ when he was 13. he started dj’ing after leaving college, and was a fixture in the late 80’s new york house and hip-hop scenes. he released his first single, ‘go’ in 1991(listed as one of rolling stones best

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo met on the grounds of their lycée in Paris in 1987. The two became good friends and later recorded demo tracks with others from the school. This eventually led to the formation of the guitar-based group Darlin’ with Laurent Brancowitz in 1992. Bangalter and de Homem-Christo played bass and guitar, respectively, while Brancowitz performed on drums. The indie rock trio had branded themselves after


DJ Update is an alias for one of the pioneers of the Dutch house and techno scene. In the early 90’s he played warehouse parties, big raves and festivals all over the world. Not much later, he started his own record label focused on techno, TPF records. Together with Kay D Smith he released a few tracks which were picked up by big labels such as Q–Dance in Holland. After a break of a few years he


THE DREAMTEAM OFFICIAL | FACEBOOK BUZZ FUZZ started out in 1991 playing Hip Hop and R&B from ’86 to ’90. In ’92 he won the Dutch House DJ Championships and he started producing tracks. (Due to the fact that the first price of the Championship was a release on Midtown-Records. This release was I.Q-Mindtransfer/Voodoo) He produced records for Combined Forces and eventually for ID&T where he began his own record label, BZRK Records. He is also part of the

AREA 303 TV | NEWS | SOUNDCLOUD | FACEBOOK | iTunes AREA 303 stands for the best in live techno and acid performances. In an era where laptops are the norm, AREA 303 members Larry Kleinke and Wilf Libgott stay true to the oldschool sound utilizing an array of analog synths, drum machines, mixers, stomp boxes and the latest sampling groove machines. Machinedrums, Roland TR drum machines, TB 303 clones, Electribes and