HIVEMIND COMPLEX  (hvmnd  kmplks)


     1. The apparent shared consciousness of colonies of social insects

            a. A system of interconnected sensory among multiple vermin
            b. Shared behaviour of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial.
            a. An initiated convergence of thoughts, energies, and experiences
            b. Collection of ideas which operate as a unifying force within society
            cType of universal higher consciousness or source of being in some esoteric beliefs
     3. An unexplained phenomena which occurs between conscious individuals
            a. A prolonged instance of two or more entities converging as one singularity

Hivemind Complex is a two-person EDM group originating from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. It is comprised of two DJ/technicians, E+ Stoodent (Brendan Pulk) and Projekt D (Matthew Allan Olson). Deriving their influences from the new wave of electronic dance music, the groups main mission is to fuse various dance music and cross-genre elements into their own unique sonic experience, and promote a culture of social awakening through the power of digital music.

In mid 2011, three individuals: Matthew Allan Olson, Brendan Pulk, and Cliff Meachem,… decided to begin a music project as a summation of all of their following and talents in production, codenamed MasKhaos. The three producers successfully finished their first freely downloadable track, ‘I Want To Believe’, as well as the framework for a few other tracks, but before long, it was clear that there had already brewed trouble between its respective members, and Cliff Meachem took a leave of absence to attend to personal issues. The remaining two members decided to press on, realigning their priorities, and in the turn of January 1st, 2012Hivemind Complex was founded.



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