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James Cox is a young electronic musician from the U.K. At fifteen years of age James’ first track was released on Adrian & Raz Recordings, a label with releases from the biggest names in Trance.

When only ten years of age James was making music in Fruity Loops Studio after an inspirational holiday to clubbing capital Ibiza. He originally started making Hardcore with little musical knowledge.

In 2011 James moved his focus towards Trance music and began to slowly develop his own unique style whilst picking up lots of production techniques along the way.

Today, his music uses the typical Trance structure with sonic elements of House, Chill-Out and ripping saw tooth basslines.

“Sounds like he’s one to watch from the quality of his production at such a young age” – Gavin Douglas (BBC Radio 1 Extra)

“James Cox is a super talented 16 years old producer from the UK.” – Lars Nyheim (The Blizzard)



Website: www.jamescoxmusic.eu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JamesCoxMusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/_JamesCox

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/james_cox

Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCyQv3y9L8ohWX6O65EQDbPQ



Bookings / Enquirers: jamescoxmusic@gmail.com