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Gareth McGrillen (left) and Rob Swire (right) performing live at Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2013.
Gareth McGrillen (left) and Rob Swire (right) performing live at Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2013.

Knife Party is an Electro-House duo formed in 2011 by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen. The two musicians were former members of the Drum & Bass band, Pendulum. In 2011, Swire and McGrillen decided to start a side project that released a few sample tracks. The project was called “Not Pendulum” and had a different sound than the band they were currently in. In late 2011, it was announced that the two would start their own duo called Knife Party. The name came from their favorite song off the album White Pony by their favorite band, The Deftones.

In August of 2011, they collaborated with Skrillex for a quick track entitled: Zoology, which was a Moombahton/Dubstep styled song. After releasing some teasers, they finally released their first EP in December of 2011, titled: 100% No Modern Talking. This name was given referring to the use of “Modern Talking”, which is a preset that produces a “talking” bass line in the plugin for Native Instrument’s Massive, a common instrument used by EDM artists. This EP had 4 songs titled: Destroy Them With Lazers, Internet Friends, Tourniquet, and Fire Hive.

Quickly, they raised popularity from their track, ‘Internet Friends’ after many bits were released on Youtube from the build up from the song, with a voice saying: “You blocked me on Facebook. And now you’re going to die.” Knife Party also started remixing some songs such as Crush On You by Nero, and Unison by Porter Robinson. They also had some unreleased tracks such as: Back To The Z-List, Suffer, Where’s The Bloody Knife Party, Until They Kick Us Out (later renamed Sleaze), Robot Bass, and an untitled Electro-House track with Kill The Noise.

In 2012, they announced the release of their second EP, called Rage Valley. This was scheduled to be released in April, but due to some complications, it was released in May of 2012. Audio rips were released on Youtube for an untitled track which was rumored to be called ‘Centipede’. Later, the track list was released and it consisted of four new songs: Bonfire, Rage Valley, Centipede, and Slease (feat. Mistajam)

Since their beginning, Knife Party has played hundreds of shows live, from Coachella, EDC, Ultra Music Festival, Holy Ship, and many more.

In May of 2013, a 3rd EP was released, which Rob stated would “not be dubstep”. After claiming he doesn’t like the dubstep of 2012, their next release which was called Haunted House, was going to be something much different than what they had released before. It was planned to have four new songs: Power Glove, Baghdad, EDM Death Machine, and LRAD. However, for reasons unknown, they exchanged Baghdad for a VIP Mix of Internet Friends, which was often used at their shows and has been ripped and edited in full versions all over Youtube and Zippyshare.

Knife Party also took production credit’s for a single released by the rap group Foreign Beggars, titled: Apex. They also made a track with Swedish House Mafia, which has reached great popularity, called Antidote.

As of 2013, Rob has stated he soon wants to take time off of touring and focus on music only for a few months. Any news of another release is not confirmed, but rumors on the Internet state a collaboration with Steve Aoki for the track “Piledriver”, and they may work with Hardwell.