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pp043_HiresPacho & Pepo are well known artists at the Eastern European music scene. They create one of the most successful Bulgarian promoting agencies for house  music: Ellectrica Promotions in 1997 Pacho & Pepo are producers, remixers and DJ’s, who began their music  career  20 years ago. A wide range of music styles, overflowing from house to deep house with vocal breeze, supported by groovy and funky elements and strongly dedicated to dance music beats, mark the clear success of their back2back sessions. For enrichment and development of Bulgarian club culture and to keep alive the love of music in connoisseur’s hearts, Pacho & Pepo create first professional DJ Agency in Bulgaria – E-booking (2001) –

First steps to present themselves as producers on the world music market they make two years later when comes up the house label Ellectrica Recordings and first release “Underground Love”. Since that moment Ellectrica has become one of the most successful labels in the Balkans and also the strongest house movement for young people. Pacho and Pepo became founders of the next two record companies for the Eastern European music market:  Cloning Sound established in 2009  (intelligent techno and deeptech vibes) and Stolen Soul Music in 2010 (recognized by deep house and soulful lightsounds for people who love vocal breeze and uplifting tunes).

2010 and 2011 have been amazing and really successful for Pacho & Pepo’s cooperative work – they won in various categories at Bulgarian national DJ Awards ( and in those two consecutive years they were named “Best Bulgarian DJ of The Year” (’10 & ‘11) and his label Stolen Soul Music – Best Bulgarian Label of the Year (’10 & ‘11). They also stared a new radio show at the top radio station Ibiza Global Radio ( in the beginning of March 2012, called Cloning Sound Radio Show with Pacho & Pepo every Wednesday at 1a.m. – Ibiza Time.

Pacho & Pepo’s releases and cooperative projects are supported and remixed by appreciated artists as Carlo Lio, TigerSkin, Mikalogic, Sergio Fernandez, Boris Brejcha, Ismael Rivas and have been eddited not only for Ellectrica Recordings, but also for world known labels as: Desertica Records, Nervine Records, Stereo Productions,  Factomania  Digital,  SK  Supreme,  Soulman.  Pacho and Pepo’s remixes of DJ Chus, Ronan Portela, Roberto Palmero among others are offered at the biggest online music shops; Mark Knight, Nic Fanciulli, Wally Lopez, Marco Carola, DJ Chus play their tracks in club and radio sessions.

Main Ellectrica producers are represented at the most famous clubs in Bulgaria, but they also have played on parties and festivals in London (UK), Ibiza, Canary Islands (ES), Malta, Miami, Chicago (USA), Lausanne, (SZ). Talking about the most recent performance at the world underground music scene we can highlight venues such as Follow Night Club in Istanbul and KaterHolzig in Berlin – a proper direction for the artist talent’s global exposure.

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