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I’ve been more or less a bedroom DJ for the past six months. After thousands of Soundcloud downloads and countless hours of watching headliner sets, gear tutorials, and the art of DJing, I am now ready to spread my wings. I am waiting for the right time and place to play my first EDM gig as Slynamic. I’m not in a rush, but I would like to do my first official gig within the next year if not sooner. Until that time, I have done several graduation parties and a few birthday parties for a very cheap price ($20 at the most). I also devote much time to discovering new music, artists, and genres. I can’t wait to start producing this December when I finally buy my first production software. I know I won’t be a production genius off the bat, but I am ready to learn and follow my dream of being an EDM producer and DJing.
This is a video that I made about how I got into EDM, and also how EDM helped me from committing suicide. Hope you get a chance to watch it. Check out the link below to watch it.